Overview / Information

Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp Objectives:
– Provide a fun, safe, and positive learning environment that is respectful of both fellow campers and the environment
– Teach children to sail and feel comfortable on the water
– Familiarize children with the environment around them and instill a sense of connectedness to it

Philosophy behind Jamestown Sea Adventure Camps:
Water dominates our landscape and is a valuable resource. Being comfortable on, in, and around the water, as well as, preserving our marine environment is critical to current and future generations. CISF seeks to introduce more children to sailing and the marine environment by providing a unique learning opportunity in a safe and spectacular environment, Fort Getty.

Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp Description:
Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation holds week long camps seven weeks for Jamestown and other children called, Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp. Camps focus on introducing marine and enviornmental education coupled with sailing. Days are mixed to blend sailing and learning. Each weeks schedule will slightly differ due to weather conditions, though, campers will always be learning through fun, hands-on activities. Arts and crafts projects are interspersed into camp each day. Additionally, there will be a speaker or off-site adventure to the URI GSO Aquarium most weeks. Speakers will present topics that focus on marine education, sailing, or the environment. For example, Kettlebottom Outfitters provides a speaker to introduce fishing. Lunchtime speakers will last 20-45 minutes and are typically hands-on programs.

CISF has five Hobie Waves that campers sail. Hobie Waves are 13′ catamarans. The boats are fun, stable, and great learning platforms. Children learn to sail and explore the Bay in groups of three – five aboard each boat with an Instructor. Instructors are US Sailing Level One certified. This is an introductory boating class – no prior experience is necessary. Those with sailing experience love this recreational sailing!

Campers are never allowed on the water without an instructor on the water in a support boat, whether that be in a powerboat or another Hobie Wave sailboat. Safety is of the utmost importance!

Children will learn the basics of sailing in a controlled and safe environment. Instructors will teach the following:
– Wind direction
– Parts of the boat
– Rigging
– Knots
– Points of sail
– Tacking
– Gybing
– Basic boat care

Kids will take turns doing each job on the boat, so that they will each experience and hopefully learn the skills of steering the boat, as well as, trimming the sails.

Nate Coolidge, marine and environmental education instructor, will again be returning this summer! Nate is a fantastic teacher and leader. All lessons are hands-on. Campers will investigate life in Narragansett Bay through in-depth explorations. Children will investigate the three main marine environments – a sandy beach, a rocky shore and a salt marsh, all present at Fort Getty. Campers will discover what types of crabs, fish, invertebrates, birds and others live along our coastline. A typical day will include cool marine &/or environmental science lessons followed by first-hand explorations of various marine habitats. There will also be fun games and activities. If your child is a budding oceanographer or just likes to spend time outdoors on the Bay, this is the camp for them!

Camps run from June 26 through August 18, 2017. Children can sign up for one or multiple weeks of camp. Curriculum’s will be adjusted weekly. Fort Getty has every type of marine environment. There is so much to explore that the curriculum is changed weekly.

Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp Registration Opens February 15, 2017 for all Jamestown residents, relatives of residents or anyone who rents on Jamestown for any period of time. Registration takes place on this website – proceed to the ‘Registration’ page.

Jamestown resident children, relatives of Jamestown residents, and those who summer in Jamestown for any period of time have registration priority over non-Jamestown residents until April 15. Anyone not in the above categories may register after April 15th.

Camp Location– Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp is held at Fort Getty under a tent located near the boat ramp. The tent is placed over half of an existing foundation, just down the east side of the hill from the bathrooms. The tent has sides that can drop down in case of inclement weather. (Camp does NOT meet under the new Pavilion). A cooler for lunches will be provided, as well as a small lock box for medications and other small items. Please do not bring valuables to camp. CISF, nor Sea Adventure Instructors, will not be held responsible for the loss of valuable items intentionally or unintentionally brought to camp.

What to Bring – Days are spent outdoors with hikes, games, sailing and swimming. It is recommended that kids wear shorts, short-sleeved shirts, sneakers or close-toed shoes (bare feet not allowed), and a hat for sun protection. Sun protective clothing is also a great idea. Closed-toed shoes are a MUST! (Croc’s are not stable enough for hikes nor sailing, and are not accepted as closed-toed shoes.)
- Sunscreen should be applied before campers arrive. Instructors will remind kids to re-apply sunscreen.
- Campers should bring their own life jacket if they have one. If not, CISF will provide a life jacket for campers to use during their week at camp. Life jackets are to be worn at all times when on a boat, on the water, on the pier and on the docks.
- Children should also have the following: a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a change of clothes, raincoat (as needed), swimsuit, towel, water shoes or old sneakers for aquatic studies, an old t-shirt for tie-dying and/or messy projects, a sweatshirt or jacket, a snack, lunch, and a water bottle. A water refill station will be provided.

What NOT to Bring – Please leave pocket knives and weapons of any kind at home, as well as radios, electronic games, toys, pets, and valuables. Please leave all valuables at home. CISF cannot and will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Garbage – Please try to be as environmentally aware and friendly with food containers as you can be. Suggestions for reusable containers: washable cloth bags, Lunch Bots stainless steel containers, reusable plastic containers, napkins, bandanas, thermos, and reusable water bottles.

Marine Debris - During each week of camp, children will learn about, study, collect, and catalog marine debris. Children will discuss what marine debris is, where it comes from, how it travels, consequences of marine debris, and how to help solve this problem. Appropriate gloves will be given out prior to collecting any marine debris. Additionally, instructors wil brief all children on what is safe and what is not safe to pick up. In 2015, Sea Adventure Campers collected almost 600 lbs of marine debris! in 2016, campers collected 1,790 items! All of the items collected are cataloged and input into an app called Marine Debris Tracker. This is a national database.

Swim Check - All children in camp for children ages 8-16 will have a swim check. This happens during the first day of class. The swim check consists of kids going in the water without their life jackets, swimming to a designated place in the water, treading water for 1 minute, and putting on a life jacket while in the water and swimming back. Instructors will be at the water’s edge watching and waiting to assist if needed. If a camper struggles in the swim check, Instructor’s reserve the right to re-test with their life jackets on. Swim checks are mandatory at every sailing program throughout the country. This is a national safety standard and an insurance requirement. Children must pass the swim check to go sailing. Instructors reserve the right to re-check a student should they struggle during the first attempt. We want children to pass the swim check and will do what we can to ensure they pass and are safe on the water.

Children in the Explorers camp will not have a swim check. (Camp is land-based).

Children in the Marine Adventurers camp will not have a swim check either. If there is an opportunity to hold an informal swim check with life jackets on, instructors will do that to get a feel for children's comfort level in and around the water.

Swimming – Sea Adventure Camp is not a swim camp. It is a sailing and marine education camp. However, the camp day takes place in, on, and around the water all day. When kids are allowed to swim, they must do so with their life jackets on. Instructors keep a close eye on kids when they are swimming, but we do not employ a life guard, nor are our instructors life guard certified.

Instructors & Educators – The staff is comprised of very competent, responsible, and talented educators and sailing instructors. Sailing Instructors are US Sailing Level 1 certified.

Lunch – Campers need to bring their own lunches. A cooler will be provided to keep lunches in. There is no place to buy lunch or snacks. No food will be provided by Sea Adventure Camp. Kids will be at Fort Getty all day. An e-mail will be sent out at least the weekend before each camp begins to notify all campers of foods that may not be brought in due to allergies of other campers, i.e. peanuts or tree nuts. We do not have an environment which allows us to easily separate children with allergenic foods, as happens in schools. Thus, some weeks we ask campers not to bring tree nuts and the like. Thank you for understanding.

What to Expect – We try to ensure an equal amount of time of marine education and sailing each week. However, many of the activities are weather dependent and thus, the ratio of activities may not be equal at the end of the week if there is inclement weather. (Heavy rain and thunderstorms preclude sailing.) Instructors strive to do as much sailing as possible though.

Marine Adventurers, the 6 & 7 year old age group, is split into two equal groups. One group will go sailing and the other will go crabbing, exploring, and learn about the marine environment around them. The two groups will switch activities after about an hour. Kids should bring a snack so that they can have a short snack break between activities.

On the last day each week, children will sail to get a Del’s Lemonade from Mackerel Cove Beach (they do not sail around Beavertail). Please send your child with $5 on the last day of camp.

Weather – Camp is held each day, rain or shine, though in the event that there is extreme rain, flooding or severe thnderstorms, camp may be cancelled for the day. We will do our best to offer a make-up day or days should we be forced to cancel a day. Please check your e-mails in the event that rain and thunderstorms are expected during a camp day. E-mail is our best and most efficient means of communication. Contact Meg Myles (CISFSailing@gmail.com) or Haley Barber on site at Sea Adventure Camp for more details and to schedule those make-up days. 

The instructors are constantly monitoring the radar for storms, as is Meg Myles, the Executive Director of CISF and the camp coordinator. All are in constant contact via cell phone. If there is an impending risk of thunderstorms, no one will go sailing. We do NOT want anyone on the water in a thunderstorm! Occasionally, a storm can pop-up and be missed by radar. We will do the best we can to avoid having kids on the water when there is thunder and lightning. In the past there have been occasions when our sailors divert to Saunderstown Yacht Club instead of having them sail back to Fort Getty, racing an impending thudnerstorm. In that case, an e-mail is sent out as early as possible, and a CISF Board member will be on site at Fort Getty under the tent to direct parents and answer any questions.

If it is 'just' raining, kids may go sailing. Hobie Waves are wet boats anyway, so sailing in the rain is not risky or unusual. In that case, please remember to send your child to camp with extra layers and a towel.

Also, please remember that the water can still be cool in July. Hypothermia can happen in water as warm as 70 degrees. If it is very hot at your house, please continue to pack extra layers for your camper as the cool Bay water creates a very different climate at the shore.

Making the Program Work for Your Child – If your child communicates dissatisfaction, discomfort, or anxiety about any aspects of Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp, please let the staff know, or contact Meg Myles CISFSailing@gmail.com or 401-855-6643. We can only accommodate kids and solve issues that arise if we know about them.

If your child is on any medication, or has a medical or emotional sensitivity, it is in your child’s best interest to let the staff know. This will help us to avoid aggravation or trauma. We strive to provide the best possible experience for all children. All medical information is private and shared with staff only as they need to know.
CISF does not share any personal information or data with anyone!
Children with disabilities or special needs of any kind are welcome in any week of camp.  We will do our best to accomodate every child as best we can. Please contact Meg to discuss any problems or issues, or any questions that you may have.

Sea Adventure Camp's Weather Station - Sea Adventure Camp will again have its own weather station! Our weather station submits data to Weather Underground, so you can see first hand what the weather is at Fort Getty! This helps us to teach children more about weather in a hands-on way.

Private Lessons – Private lessons are available with the Instructor of your choice. Rates are: $50 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum requirement. There is an additional $10 per hour charge for each student added (up to 4). Private lessons can only be scheduled at times when the CISF boats are not otherwise being used, which is select afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

Refund policy -
1) Prior to June 1st, a $25 administrative fee will be assessed, with the balance refunded.
2) After June 1st, a $25 administrative fee will be assessed and the balance will only be refunded if and when the spot if filled.

Registration - Registration opens February 15, 2017.
Jamestown resident children, relatives of Jamestown residents, and those who summer in Jamestown for any period of time have registration priority over non-Jamestown residents until April 15. Anyone not in the above categories may register after April 15th.

• When you are ready to register, make sure that you have your insurance information (carrier and number) on hand. You will be required to enter this information.

• Please pay attention to the week and age group that you select. For the 8-10 year old age group, some weeks are from 9-12:30 and some are from 9-4. One week in August of Marine Adventurers is from 9-12; the other 2 weeks offered earlier are from 1-4 PM

If you choose to send in a check, please mail it to:
Att: Meg Myles
7 Felucca Avenue
Jamestown, RI 02835.

Contact – Meg Myles is the Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp coordinator. Please contact her if you have any questions: CISFSailing@gmail.com or 401-855-6643

Mailing Address
7 Felucca Avenue
Jamestown, RI 02835