How to Donate

CISF is registered with Amazon Smile. If you shop on Amazon, use this link to get what you need and support CISF:

Please consider Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation when making your year-end gifts. Please contact Meg Myles should you have any questions or for help making a gift. All financial gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. One hundred percent of your donations will be applied to our programming, grants and scholarships.

Donations of cash, securities and estate planning are all welcome.

Donate Now

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CISF also accepts marine-related donated items. However, at the moment we do not have a physical site at which we can store boats, etc... Thus, if you would like to donate a boat or marine-related item to CISF, please contact Meg Myles to see if CISF can use the item. Here are a few things to consider when donating an item:

1.) CISF cannot give you any tax advice.
2.) If you intend to claim more than $4,999 deduction from your donation to CISF, you will need to have the item appraised. CISF cannot help you with the appraisal process. Any cost for appraisal must be paid for by the donor.
3.) CISF has three options when accepting a donation:
                    a.) Accept the donation and use it for three years.
                    b.) Accept the donation and sell it within three years. In this case, if there is a difference between what the          donor deducts versus how much CISF sells the item for, the donor potentially has a tax liability for the difference in deduction versus sale price.
                    c.) Accept the donation and make significant improvements on the item. Once signfiicant improvements have been made and documented, the donee can then sell the item.

In every instance except (a), CISF must notify the donee that the item has been sold.

Please contact Meg Myles should you have any questions or for help making a gift.