Grants & Scholarships

The Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation provides grants and scholarships for the following purposes:
- To enter the sport of sailing and receive sailing class lessons (i.e. Sea Adventure Camp, CYC Junior Sailing)
- To attend a regatta or sailing event where a sailor has demonstrated committment by 'qualifying'
- To attend a sailing clinic, regatta, or event
- To receive higher level coaching

While CISF does not require submission of financials, grants and scholarships are given out based on the need of the individual (and/or family). Priority is given to full-time Jamestown residents.

Grant and Scholarship applications must be received on or before May 1 and/or November 1.

If applying for a scholarship to Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp for the May scholarship period, please register for the camp week(s) that you want and click pay by check. If you wait to hear about your scholarship request, you may be shut out of your requested week.

CISF's grant and scholarship application can be downloaded here.

E-mails and letters will be mailed 3-4 weeks after the grant deadline closes.
Recipients have 4 weeks to get their grant agreement form back to Meg Myles. If no grant agreement form is returned, the grant will be null and void.